4raBet Responsible Gaming Rules for Players

Commitment to Responsible Gaming

At 4Rabet, we prioritize responsible gaming as a vital aspect of our customer service policy. Our goal is to ensure our customers experience a safe and exciting gaming environment, and we are committed to protecting players from excessive gaming and preventing minors from participating in gambling activities.

4rabet responsible warning

4rabet responsible warning

Understanding the Importance of Control Maintenance

Gambling should be regarded as a form of entertainment rather than a means of making money. To maintain control, it is essential for players to:

  • Recognize that gambling is a leisure activity, not a source of income.
  • Avoid attempting to recoup losses immediately, as there is always an opportunity to win in future games.
  • Set a spending limit and never exceed the predetermined amount.
  • Monitor the time and money spent on gambling activities.

Legal Age for Gambling

In India, the legal age for gambling is 18 years, and casinos are required to adhere to laws that protect minors from participating in gambling activities. With the introduction of a national regulating body, these laws are expected to be enforced more strictly in the near future.

However, there is still a risk that minors may use the personal information of adult acquaintances to create accounts or participate in unverified casinos. This poses a significant danger to minors. Therefore, if we have a minor under our care or close to us, we can use parental control applications and websites to monitor their online activities.

Identifying Signs of Gambling Addiction

While the majority of players enjoy gambling as a recreational activity, a small percentage may develop a gambling addiction. It is crucial to recognize the signs of addiction and seek help if necessary. Consider the following questions:

  1. Are you deeply involved in gambling?
  2. Are your bets constantly increasing?
  3. Do you borrow money to gamble?
  4. Do you often play for longer than planned?
  5. Has your frequent gambling negatively affected your reputation?
  6. Do you feel irritated or disappointed when unable to place a bet?
  7. Is gambling a means of escaping problems?
  8. Do you frequently attempt to recoup losses?
  9. Have you unsuccessfully tried to control your bet amounts or the time spent gambling?
  10. Do you keep your gambling activities a secret from close ones?

Answering 'yes' to five or more of these questions may indicate a gambling addiction. If you suspect you have a problem, seek professional help.

Effective Game Management Tips

To maintain control over your gambling activities, follow these tips:

  • Set a specific duration for each gaming session.
  • Establish a maximum loss limit and adhere to it.
  • Never borrow money for gambling purposes.
  • Combine gambling with other hobbies to maintain balance in your life.
  • Refrain from gambling when in a negative emotional state.

Self-exclusion from Gaming

If you feel the need to take a break from gambling, you can request to have your account temporarily or permanently closed by contacting our customer support team. Once your account is closed, you may request to open a new one; however, we reserve the right to deny any such request without providing a reason.

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